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How to help victims of Hurricane Ida

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Here we go again, another active hurricane season. I'm heartbroken watching the news of my hometown of New Orleans, not to mention all the neighboring towns that got hit with one of the worst storms to hit the US — ever!

New Orleans during 1969 Hurricane Camille

If you want to help the people hurt by this month's Hurricane Ida, please donate to the organizations below. Louisiana and neighboring states thank you.

Greater New Orleans Foundation

Red Cross

NOLA Ready

Cajun Navy

Second Harvest Food Bank of New Orleans

All Hands and Hearts

Trucks With Room to Spare

Helping to feed and support:

Mercy Chefs

World Central Kitchen

If you want to help those who help animals:

Louisiana SPCA

Humane Society of Louisiana

Need a place to stay? Lafayette has a list of available options here.

Want to volunteer?

Volunteer Louisiana

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