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Best Winery in the U.S. is in Gatlinburg?

Updated: May 5, 2022

That’s according to They studied more than 700 U.S. wineries looking at quality, popularity and things to do, which may explain why there are so many Southern wineries on the list. Hey, we're fun!

But, we have to wonder if California and New York might take issue with that claim. And here are my thoughts on that. Correct me if I’m wrong, but most people can’t detect a hint of fruit-forward notes or can name the wine’s terroir. And since this is a dating site, we’re assuming that those doing the survey were looking for fun places to bring a significant other, not necessarily to discover the next great vintage. I’ve been long out of the dating game, but I believe folks want to enjoy a nice vino, have someone explain how it’s made and what they’re drinking and maybe experience an outdoor patio with lawn games and pop-up food trucks. I mean, the top Alabama winery serves pizza!

This website used several factors to make its designations: TripAdvisor ratings, number of online reviews and the number of restaurants and attractions within a few miles. So, it’s no wonder this website found not only the number one winery but the top three in Tennessee. They are Tennessee Homemade Wines, Sugarland Cellars and Tennessee Cider Company, all in Gatlinburg. If you’ve ever been to the Smoky Mountain town, you can see why they fared so high. did more than rank the nation’s wineries, they also chose the number one spot for each state. Here are the South’s best wineries, according to the website, with a wine favored by the survey takers.


Wine: Dog at Large Blackberry, “Juicy, plump, mixed varietal blackberries blended with red wine grapes and laced with delicate oak nuances.”


Wine: Lake Hamilton Sunset, “A sparkling strawberry wine.”


Panama City Beach Winery, Panama City Beach

Wine: Passion Fruit Florida Ever, “An exotic flavor created from Florida’s finest passion fruit juice. Tart and flavorful, this wine will enhance any meal. Great outside or along the beach. It is a customer favorite.”

cane creek vineyards
Cane Creek Vineyards


Crane Creek Vineyards, Young Harris

Wine: Mountain Harvest Red, “Crane Creek’s signature Chambourcin dominant red blend. Fresh, fruity, and approachable.”


Purple Toad Winery, Paducah

Wine: Black & Bruised, “A sweet blend of Blackberry and Concord.”


Wine: St. James Blackberry/Blueberry, “A sweet wine with rich fruit flavors that develop evenly across the palate and remain for a long berry finish.”


Wine: Blue Bayou, “Lush and balanced.”

North Carolina

Wine: Century Sweet Red Wine, “Aromas of strawberry and dark caramel complemented by notes of blackberry and vanilla.”


Girls Gone Wine, Broken Bow

Wine: Road Trip Red, “This smooth Pinot Noir-style wine has a medium body and flavors of cherry and spice.”

South Carolina

Duplin Winery, North Myrtle Beach

Wine: Twisted Sisters Sweet Red Wine, “pomegranate zinfandel.”


Wine: Old Apple, “A medium-bodied American Hybrid with a soft cherry tone finish and aromas of red currant fruit.”


Wine: HG-Emblaze, “sweet red blend.”


Williamsburg Winery, Williamsburg

Want to learn more about Southern wineries? Check out our story about Southern passports to wineries, breweries and cideries and the delicious meads of Point Lookout Vineyards.

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Warren Johnson
Warren Johnson
26 apr 2022

This is a wonderful post. I knew only the Georgia winery on the list. I have over 25 years involvement with wine literature and West Coast wineries, so I was glad to learn about the Southern wineries. [I would like to ask you a question offline. Could you send me your email address? Mine is on my blog. Thanks!]

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Warren Johnson
Warren Johnson
02 mag 2022
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I found your email. Sorry. I'll write.

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