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Get Your Mojo Working

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Tonight’s the New Moon (July 28, 2022), which means it’s time for intentions, y’all. Looking for a little summer lovin’? How about some mojo magic?

Gris gris bags, mojo bags, root bags or spell sachets — whatever you name them, they offer conjuring magic in a small pouch. We’re going to show you how to create a love gris gris or mojo bag based on the popular book, “Magic’s in the Bag: Creating Spellbinding Gris Gris Bags and Sachets” by Jude Bradley and Cheré Coen, (yes, your Weird South blog author).

For Attracting Love

There are so many herbs and stones to choose from for this bag, you might just select the ones you think smell the sweetest. Remember to use the lists in these spells only as guidelines—let the objects you collect speak to you directly. After all, this love gris gris bag is yours and yours alone, and should be placed where you will see it, smell its aroma, and remember that love is coming. Do not let anyone else, your love interest included, touch your gris gris bag. You may remember listening to blues songs such as Coot Grant and Kid Sox Wesley Wilson’s “Keep Your Hand Off of My Mojo”; they knew what they were talking about.

And always remember to keep the total number of items in your bag an odd number. Any number of items can be included in a gris gris bag, as long as the combination of elements adds up to an odd number and there are at least three items in the bag and no more than thirteen.

Bag Color: Pink or red

Plants: Acorn, anise, apple, basil, black cohosh, bloodroot, caraway seeds, catnip, cedar, cinnamon, cinquefoil, cloves, dandelion, fig, ginger, ginseng, ivy, jasmine, lavender, lemon verbena, linden, lovage, mandrake, marigold, marjoram, mistletoe, myrtle, nutmeg, olive, orange (can inscribe the person’s name on the peel), pine, primrose, rosemary, roses, rowan, rue, saffron, St. John’s Wort, valerian, vervain, willow, yarrow

Stones, Metals, and Shells: Copper, emerald, lodestone, magnetic sand, malachite, pink coral, pink tourmaline, rose quartz, selenite

Other Items: A lock of hair or the fingernail of the other person should be included if possible. Ashes, heart tokens, and other love talismans are good additions to the bag and they increase the power of the spell. The addition of a feather will speed the love to you.

Candle Color: Pink or red

Day of the Week/Calendar: The best day to create a love gris gris is a Friday on a waxing (growing) moon. When the moon is new (like tonight) or waxing, it is time to create an intention for things or people that you wish to come into your life.

Special Instructions: If you are asking your gris gris bag to attract a specific person to you, keep a photograph of that person in your sacred space and focus on good thoughts and a positive outcome while gazing at the photo. (In other words, while you should not bend the will of someone who is genuinely not interested in you, a carefully constructed love spell can remove obstacles and open up possibilities. Stating that you’re willing to accept an outcome that is best for all concerned is a good way to hedge your bets. You may also wish to write the person’s name on a slip of paper beforehand, fold the paper, and include it in the bag. Likewise, you can burn the paper in the candle flame after the bag has been created, visualizing the future love you will share. You may anoint your bag with rose oil every week to enhance its energy.

Carry your love gris gris with you, smell its earthy scent and know that love is on the way.

Want to learn more? Our book — sold at all online bookstores and in paperback from Amazon —  contains information on the use of bags for intention created throughout the world, what natural elements such as herbs and stones mean and how to create a variety of gris gris bags yourself. You can also follow Magic’s in the Bag Facebook page.

You can also watch the book trailer here.

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Bruce Coen
Bruce Coen
Jul 20, 2022

Will have to try this gris gris bag someday!

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