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My dog made me do it!

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Heading to the 'Forgotten Coast' of Florida where dogs are welcome, a mechanical engineer found his second calling serving up delicious tacos.

Steve Sheridan of St. Louis discovered Port St. Joe and its peninsula Cape San Blas when searching the internet for dog-friendly beaches. Dogs are welcome everywhere in this Panhandle region of Florida, not to mention that the beaches and surrounding forest, lakes and streams are pristine and beautiful.

Sheridan and Ben headed south to the Gulf side of Florida and their life changed. "He goes everywhere with me," Sheridan said. "He's my co-pilot." Sheridan worked as a self-employed mechanical engineer so when his wife took a job in Port St. Joe, the move was seamless. But Sheridan wanted to do something different, plus he found the culinary scene on the peninsula lacking. He first opened a food truck, then a restaurant. Today, Peachy's Beach Eats serves grouper sandwiches, nachos, pulled pork and tacos.

Sheridan doesn't take credit cards, however. Diners fill out a form and leave the cash on the counter. If you don't have exact money, take your change from the container.

"I wanted to do something a little different," he said.

Some people are shy about sticking their fingers in the "Change Box" but they get used to it, Sheridan said.

And, of course, Ben hangs out at Peachy's He's almost 13 and half blind but he's as much a part of the ambiance as the upside down beach chairs hanging from the ceiling. And yes, that's me having fun with my iPhone.

Check out Peachy's and be sure to sample the fish and shrimp tacos, a delicious blend of spicy slaw and delicately prepared seafood.

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