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Soaring across the Chattahoochee

It's a zipline experience covering two states

You stand on the platform watching the rapids of the Chattahoochee River rush by the city of Columbus, Georgia. It's an easy zip line experience, the guides of Whitewater Express tell us, as we gaze at the whitewater below us. All we have to do is a step off the platform and glide across, enjoying the great blue herons catching fish below, or the whitewater rafters riding the waves.

Don't worry, they tell us, as we study one of the longest ziplines I have ever seen, 1200 feet from our platform to the other shore. Guides will catch us once we reach our destination.

"The worst part is you'll be in Alabama on the other side," our guide said with a laugh.

To get us in the spirit of things, our guides had us take the plunge from the platform to the ground, a 45-foot free fall. And no, that didn't make me feel any safer.

But, here's the rub. I've ziplined where I was totally in control, had to maneuver my flight with its turns and accelerations by using my gloved hand on the line. With "The Flight of the Osprey" across the Chattahoochee, there are no worries. Simply sit back and enjoy the view and know the guides are there to catch your descent — even if it's in Alabama.

So, I took that first step. And I let my cares be gone. It was the greatest zipline ride I've ever had, flying across the river, the wind in my hair, cool water beneath my feet. What a thrill!

You can stay on the Alabama side and enjoy the aerial ropes course or zipline back to Georgia on the 1100-foot zipline. Buy a pass from Whitewater and spend hours doing all. For me, the Chattahoochee flight was enough.

Wanna see how it's done? Check out our video...

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