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A Purr-fectly Fun Fountain

Being a devoted mother of three felines, I was instantly taken with this product’s promotional opening: “Dogs get a lot of the love when it comes to innovative, smart pet products but what about the internet’s mascot: cats?”

Good question. My cats are all over the internet.

So, I bit and My Lovely Feline sent me their cat fountain for trial, a cute little water fountain that inspires cats to drink more water. And, in my case, have a little fun.

The Magic Feline Fountain, made of BPA-free, non-toxic plastic, distributes water from its basin up through a spout that pours over on either side. The constant revolution of the water helps the H2O stay fresh and the water’s movement from its smart design keeps cats entertained and, thus hydrated. And if a customer doesn’t like the product for whatever reason, My Lovely Feline will pick them up for free and send a full refund within two years.

It retails for $59.95.

No worries on my end. At first, my felines were a little spooked at the soft humming noise it emits, but once my brave ginger cat Mookie discovered its attributes, the others followed. They even dipped their paws into the stream to drink the water from their toes.

The product hails from My Lovely Feline’s headquarters in Barcelona. Other My Lovely Feline products include the Magic Feline Brush, a soft brush with silicone pins that my cats instantly fell in love with and turned into a hot mess on the floor, demanding more. I loved this brush because their shedding fur gathers among the pins and not all over my floors. It also fits nicely into your hand, giving your pets another excuse for you to continue endlessly.

It retails for $24.95

The company’s Ceramic Slow Feeder offers a ceramic dish broken into sections so that cats must eat around the ridges, allowing them to slow down when eating. My Mookie has been put on a diet — I pick this cat up as weight training — so this feeder made a good fit for our household.

It retails for $29.95.

Ceramic Slow Feeder

Yeah to My Lovely Feline for offering fun and innovative products to 31 million U.S. households who own cats (one in four!).

So, what’s wacky about all this?

The company also offers The Feline Masterclass, an educational program designed to help cat parents learn everything they need to know about taking care of their cats. In the program, participants join weekly calls to vets and feline specialists, stay in touch with experts via email, have constant access to class modules, and join a community with like-minded cat parents.

Okay, so that’s not that weird, but have you ever been around a community of cat parents? We’re a little cuckoo about our felines. Just check out my Instagram page.

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