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Travel smartly, bring first aid kit!

GoKit has you covered with more than 100 essential first aid supplies in a cute container.

gokit by keep>going

I’m forever a Girl Scout. Every car I’ve owned has had a first aid kit — or at least a collection of Band-Aids, scissors and antibiotic ointment. Oh, several safety pins and a nail clipper are always a must as well.

As far as I’m concerned, a first aid kit in the car rivals jumping cables.


But why assemble that on your own when you can purchase a handy Keep>Going First Aid Kit that contains a host of items all neatly stored inside a cute little water and stain-resistant bag? This sweet little GoKit has 130 pieces of essential first aid supplies, everything from bandages and scissors to sting relief and lip balm. There’s even a booklet on how to administer first aid in emergencies, such as dealing with choking, burns and sprains.


Best of all, it’s lightweight and fits easily into a glove compartment or backpack.


The Adult GoKit is available in six designs, including Star-Spangled, The Traveler, Fierce Red, Jet Black, Royal Blue and Seafoam Green. I love the travel design because, well, I’m a traveler!


Browse the collection at


Weird, Wacky & Wild South is written by travel writer Cheré Dastugue Coen who gets excited about things like cute first aid kits. But then she's always on the road doing things that involve bug bites, blisters and other mishaps.

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