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Radar love at the Hangar Hotel

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Fly in and out of this unique boutique establishment at the Fredericksburg airport.

We adore Fredericksburg, Texas, with its charming shops and art galleries, outstanding restaurants, wineries, and historic attractions, from its German heritage spotlighted at the Pioneer Museum Complex to the National Museum of the Pacific War

But here’s one reason that makes us take flight — the Hangar Hotel.

The hotel resembles a true plane hangar (above left), mainly because it’s located at the Gillespie County Airport. But it only mimics a World War II-era building, because inside there’s a delightful boutique hotel. You’ll find 1940s music playing when you enter the lobby, decorated with period posters, antique luggage, and nods to Hill Country war heroes. Rooms contain period art pieces as well, including rotary phones, subway tiled bathrooms — and our favorite — comfy armchairs constructed from old leather bomber jackets. And at night, electric candles burn in the window in remembrance of those fighting far away.

The hotel’s only minutes from downtown Fredericksburg, but do visit the charming Airport Diner that resembles a train car and the Officer’s Club with its leather chairs, fireplace, grand piano and bar, the perfect spot for a late-night cocktail or conversing with friends.

Naturally, you can fly in, park your plane and enjoy a weekend away. We didn’t have the luxury of a private plane, but we loved every minute spent at the Hangar Hotel.

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